Photo credits: © Simon Veres

Born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran, Reihaneh Hosseini immersed herself in philosophical studies before establishing her artistic base in Vienna in 2014. Her deliberate choice of the figurative style is more than a mere artistic decision; it is a manifestation of her emotional core, the tales she wishes to convey, and her unique perspective on existence. Her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, focusing on Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques, further enriched her artistic practice.

Through her paintings, Hosseini aims to convey the deep stories and emotions that define the human experience, celebrating the resilience and enduring spirit of women. She also explores the psychology of her surroundings and her own emotional states, capturing them through vivid character portrayals. Her inspiration is rooted in the everyday: friends and daily experiences form the basis of her stories. However, when these impressions are transferred to canvas, they undergo a transformative process that results in a dysmorphic representation. The result is figures with exaggerated dimensions, grotesque elements, distorted attributes, and a color palette that defies expectation.

When she starts painting, Hosseini has many ideas in her head that she transfers directly onto the canvas. This process is dynamic and engaging, like a game of ping-pong, where each stroke brings new dialogues and responses. Everything forms in a cycle, one element following another, often resulting in spontaneous moments that she cannot control, which are the most joyful parts of her work. Each painting follows its own unique path, yet they all come together as a cohesive whole. This journey of creation is varied and unpredictable, but it is in these moments of serendipity that she finds the greatest joy in her art.

Hosseini’s artwork has a profound physical resonance, making palpable the intangible absurdities she perceives in the myriad experiences of life. Each painting is a delicate balance of opposites, presenting figures that constantly oscillate between the aesthetically pleasing and the disturbing. The cartoonish veneer of her characters offers a lightheartedness, an element of humor that is counterbalanced by their inherent philosophical nuances.

In viewing Hosseini’s oeuvre, one is transported to a surreal realm. Here, each character acts as a mirror, reflecting aspects of the subconscious, invoking the innocence of the inner child, and drawing upon shared mental and sociocultural imageries.

Hosseini’s artistic endeavors gained international recognition in 2020, beginning with her first solo exhibition “Come in” at A. MORE Gallery in Milan (2020), “Digital Black & Yellow” at Art Verona (2020), “Up Close and Personal” at Ross+Kramer Gallery in New York (2021), and “Well Cold” at Moosey Gallery in London (2022). Other notable exhibitions include “Chronicles 4” at Galerie Dorste in Berlin (2022), “Echos” at Galerie Droste in Paris (2022), “Food Obsession” at Gärna Art Gallery in Madrid (2022), “La Grande Bouffe” at Elektrohalle Rhomberg Gallery in Salzburg (2022), and “Wild Dreams” at The Warehouse Gallery in Shanghai (2022).

In March 2024, she held her first solo exhibition in London at Moosey Gallery. Following this, her work was selected for the *Unapologetic WomXn* exhibition, curated by Destinee Ross-Sutton in New York, during the 60th Venice Biennale. Additionally, her pieces were showcased at Future Fairs, presented by, and at CAN Art Ibiza, presented by Ross-Sutton Gallery.

Since 2023, following the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement, a profound and fundamental transformation occurred within Hosseini’s soul and mind. The lump that had been trapped in her throat for years finally broke, altering her entire life. Everything changed, from emotional relationships to social interactions. This movement and deep pain shaped her into a different person. This change can be seen in the colors, forms, and content of her works. She dedicated a whole year to preparing for her solo exhibition at the Moosey Gallery, titled “Number Eight.” This new phase reflects both her inner and outer transformations, which are clearly visible in her artworks.


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