Photo credits: © Ahoo Maher

Born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran, Reihaneh Hosseini immersed herself in philosophical studies before establishing her artistic base in Vienna in 2014. Her deliberate choice of the figurative style is more than a mere artistic decision; it’s a manifestation of her emotional core, the tales she wishes to convey, and her unique perspective on existence.
Hosseini’s inspirations are rooted in the quotidian: friends and commonplace experiences serve as the foundation of her narratives. However, when her impressions transition to canvas, they undergo a transformative process, leading to a dysmorphic represent ation. The result? Figures with exaggerated dimensions, grotesque elements, distorted attributes, and a color palette that defies expectation.
Her artworks possess a profound corporeal resonance, making palpable the intangible absurdities she perceives in life’s myriad experiences. Each painting is a delicate balance of opposites, presenting figures that constantly vacillate between the aesthetic ally appealing and the disconcerting. The cartoonish veneer of her characters offers a light heartedness, an element of humor that is counterbalanced by their inherent philosophical nuances.
In viewing Hosseini’s oeuvre, one is transported to a surreal realm. Here, each character acts as a mirror, reflecting aspects of our subconscious, invoking the innocence of our inner child and drawing upon our shared mental and sociocultural imageries.

MFA in Fine Arts - Vienna — Austria
Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques - The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna — Austria
Bachelor in Philosophy - Tehran — Iran
Solo Exhibitions
Come in - A.MORE gallery — Milan, Italy
Get Out - Porgy & Bess — Vienna, Austria
Elahe Gallery — Tehran, Iran
Galerie Het Vijfde Seizoen — Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elahe Gallery — Tehran, Iran
Group Exhibitions
Chronicles 4 - Galerie Dorste — Berlin, GermanyEchos - Galerie Droste — Paris, FranceFood Obsession - Gärna Art Gallery — Madrid, SpainFuture Fair - — New York, United StatesLa Grande Bouffe - Elektrohalle Rhomberg — Salzburg, AustriaWell cold - moosey — London, UKWild Dreams - The Warehouse Gallery — Shanghai,China
Art Fair Parallel - Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, AustriaArt Fair, Art Verona - A.MORE gallery — Verona, ItalyUp Close and Personal - Ross+ Kramer Gallery — New York, United States
Art Fair, Art Verona, Digital Black & Yellow - A.MORE gallery — Verona, ItalyAusbruch Improper - Walls Gallery — Vienna, AustriaRundgang - Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, Austria
All Paper Show - Semperdepot, Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, AustriaArt Fair Parallel - Die Schöne Gallery — Vienna, AustriaBit Up, Then Left - Zollamt Galerie [Offenbach] — Frankfurt, GermanyRundgang - Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, Austria
Old Painters Are Trying To Kill Me - Specktakel — Vienna, AustriaRundgang - Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, AustriaUsbest - Library of the Academy of Fine Arts — Vienna, Austria
Reduce Yourself - The Manfred — Vienna, Austria
40 Iranian Women - Art Cantara — Athens, Greece40 Iranian Women - Art Cantara — Brussels, Belgium40 Iranian Women - Art Cantara — Warsaw, PolandFestival For Youth Art - Saba Art and Cultural Institute — Tehran, IranAria Gallery — Tehran, IranNiavaran Gallery — Tehran, Iran
Aria Gallery — Tehran, IranLaleh Art Gallery — Tehran, Iran
Barg Gallery — Tehran, IranLaleh Art Gallery — Tehran, Iran
Artaward - STRABAG — Nomination